EFSMA, European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations, was founded in Portugal in 1998; during the years, has become a well-organized and structured international association, committed to the promotion and development of Sports Medicine in the whole Europe.

Its primary aim is the protection of athletes’ health, fighting at the same time against doping, arising from the conviction that sport expresses, maintains and improves not only physical fitness and performance, but even mental well-being, creating also social relationships and preventing different diseases.

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  • The EFSMA main body is the Executive Committee, which is composed by the President, the Past President, the Honorary President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and the Treasurer.
    Current President of EFSMA is the Italian Maurizio Casasco MD, elected in November 2017.

  • President of the Flemish Society of Sports Medicine
    Kiewitstraat 141 - 3500 Hasselt - Belgium
    Tel. +32 11 265100 - Fax +32 11 265101
    Past President
    Andre Debruyne MD
  • Full Professor of Sports and Exercise Physiology - Dean of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences - Head of the Institute of Sport Sciences - Institute of Sport Sciences - University of Wien - Department of Sports and Exercise Physiology
    Auf der Schmelz 6 - A-1150 Wien Austria
    Tel. +43.1.4277 48870 or 48871 - Fax +43.1.4277 48879
    Honorary President
    Norbert Bachl MD
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon - Horonary President of the Sports Medicine Association of Greece
    Pl. Ippodromiou 17 - 546 21 Thessaloniki Greece
    Tel: +30 2310 999681 - Fax: +30 2310 999334
    1st Vice-President
    Professor Konstantinos Natsis MD, Ph.D., BSc.
  • Full Professor of Medicine - Past President of Polish Society of Sports Medicine - Department of Sports Medicine - Medical University of Lodz
    251 Pomorska Street - 92-213 Lodz, Poland
    Tel.: +48 606 246 381 mobile - +48 426757471 office - +48 426757591 fax
    2nd Vice-President
    Anna Jegier MD, Ph.D.
  • Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Executive Board Director BASEM British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine,
    Secretary Development Commission FIMS,
    Office: Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Stanford Hall, Loughborough, LE12 5B, United Kingdom
    Email: thpapadopoulou@hotmail.com
    Twitter: Dora_Sportmed
    Mobile: +44(0)7554530172
    EFSMA Secretary General
    Ms Theodora Papadopoulou MD, BSc (Sports), PGDip (SEM), MSc (Sp. Injuries), PhD
  • Presidente of Portuguese Society of Sports Medicine - Clinical Pathologist
    Rua Viriato 27 – 3B - 1600 – 176 Lisbon, Portugal
    Tel: 00351917241340
    João Paulo Da P. Pereira de Almeida MD
  • Vice President of the Austrian Society of Sports Medicine and Prevention Medical University of Graz Department of Pediatric Surgery Head of Pediatric
    Intensive Care Unit Division of Sports Medicine Auenbruggerplatz 34 - A-8036 Graz Austria
    Phone: +43 316 / 385 – 14125 - Fax: +43 316 / 385 – 17504
    Elected EFSMA Members
    Professor Peter H. Schober MD
  • European University Cyprus – School of Sciences
    Nicosia Cyprus
    Tel: +357 22 713248
    Elected EFSMA Members
    Prof. Dr. Nicholas Christodoulou
  • MD,FACC,FAHA,FFIMS - European Cardiologist,Sportscardiology - Int.Med.,Cardiology,
    Hon.Pres.German Fed.Sports Medicine
    Bermesgasse 32b - D-42897 Remscheid
    Phone:02191-65354 - F: -610671
    E-mail: herbert.loellgen@gmx.de - loellgen@dgsp.de
    Elected EFSMA Members
    Prof. Dr. Herbert Löllgen
  • Associate Professor - President of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine. - Director of Archives of Sports Medicine Journal. - Chair Professor in Sports Medicine. - San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia.
    Avda. de Movera nº 420-14 - 50194 – Zaragoza, Spain
    Tel : +34 976 237129
    Elected EFSMA Members
    Professor Pedro Manonelles Marqueta MD
  • Institute for Medicine and Sport
    Koprska 94A - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    mobile: +386 40 84 00 87
    e-mail: info@efsma-scientific.eu
    Elected EFSMA Members
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petra Zupet
  • Rector - Full Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the Internal Medicine Unit - Department of Health Sciences - University of Rome - “Foro Italico”
    Piazza L. De Bosis 15 - I-00194 Roma , Italy
    Tel. +39.06.36733350-569 - Fax +39.06.36733351
    FIMS president - Elected EFSMA Members
    Fabio Pigozzi MD
  • Ostrovityanova, 1 - 117 997 Moscow Russia
    Tel : +7 903.7644484 - Fax: +7 495.4345792
    E-mail : polyaev@sportmed.ru
    Co-Opted Members
    Prof. Dr. Boris Polyaev
  • National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
    41 Ethnikis Antistassis str. 172 37 Athens, Greece
    Tel: ++ 30 210 727 6040/6038 - Fax: ++ 30 69444 51067
    Email: vklissou@phed.uoa.gr
    Co-Opted Members
    Prof. Dr. Vassilis Klissouras
  • Professor - University of Medicine “Carol Davila” - Head of the Sports Medicine Department - President Romanian Society of Sports Medicine
    Bucharest, Romania
    Tel: +40-752262756 - Fax: +40-21-318 47 15
    Chairman EFSMA Scientific and Education Commission
    Professor Anca Ionescu MD, Ph.D.

5 July 2018

At New York, USA

President Casasco participates in the hearing on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases at the United Nations, NY

[New York – 5 July 2018] – On the 5th of July, President Maurizio Casasco attended the Hearing on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which took place in New York, at the United Nations Headquarters.

The Hearing was convened by the President of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák, with the support of the WHO.

President Casasco, as President of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine and as President of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations, focused his speech on the importance of Sports Medicine as multidisciplinary specialization which conducts research into the physical activity of top-level athletes, in order to transfer the knowledge gained to the National Health System.

“Sports Medicine” – said Mr. President – “is based on a culture of prevention, in which a key feature is risk reduction. In the whole Europe, thousands of sports medicine doctors work every day to reduce the risks for people engaging in physical activity. The aim of our work is to provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with everyone, everywhere, in order to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and so save people’s lives”.

“The primary cause of NCDs is inflammation” – added Mr. President – “and it can be tackled globally, and risk reduced globally, through physical exercise, rather than counting on other useful but much more expensive tools. For instance, cutting down on calorie intake can also bring benefits, but you need to have the right information on matters such as the quality of foods, specific details about them, and their availability and cost in terms of economic resources”.

Recent epigenetic studies have shown the positive effect of physical exercise on germ cells. This is extremely important for transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. So, primary prevention starts even before conception and continues throughout our whole lifespan, in order to improve the balance between biological and actual age.

It is not possible to cut the risk to zero, but it is possible to act to reduce it significantly, starting from the experience with Olympic athletes. The efficacy of correctly prescribed physical exercise can be tested first on
them, and the results appropriately applied to the whole population.

In conclusion, President Casasco underlined that European specific guidelines, which show the “right dose” of exercise for preventing and reducing the risk of NCDs at zero cost, already exist and are called “Exercise Prescription for Health”.

“These guidelines” – said Mr. President – “could be a first and very useful tool to reach this goal, which, as President of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine and of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations, I would be proud to make available for a healthier world”.